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March 8, 2019

Delivering for Yorktown As Chief of Staff for State Senator Terrence Murphy, Matt helped guide the state’s investment in Yorktown. Over the past four years this included:: $1.9 million in state funding to rehabilitate our local highways and bridges $250,000 to pave Quinlan Street, which is scheduled to occur this Summer $725,000 to assist in...



March 8, 2019

Matt Slater has a bold plan to make Yorktown a better place to live. His innovative approach will bring new jobs and vitality to our community by making town government more responsive and easier to use for residents and businesses. Matt is focused on making Yorktown a destination by investing in infrastructure, creating walkable downtown...



March 8, 2019

Born and raised in Yorktown, Matt Slater is committed to making our town a better place to live, work and raise a family. A graduate of Yorktown High School, Matt has spent the last four years as Chief of Staff for former State Senator Terrence Murphy. In that role, Matt partnered with Senator Murphy to...

Complete Streets

March 7, 2019

WHAT: Many studies have shown that the “transit” is not the only essential component needed to pursue to transit-oriented development.  alkability, mixed use, traffic density and other factors are just as important as our proximity to rail stations. HOW: We can begin to address these areas in the context of planning by passing a local...

What: The current ethics laws and enforcement apparatus have become outdated.  The current ethics board lacks any enforcement capability and has deliberated for more than a year on complaints with no resolution.  It is time to update Yorktown’s ethics laws to ensure greater transparency, accountability and protection of Yorktown’s taxpayers.   Why: Yorktown’s Town Attorney...

What: Making decisions based on best guesses or intuition is no longer accessible to an educated and intelligent citizenry.  Asset Management Systems are being utilized by municipalities around the nation but not Yorktown. From our vehicle fleets and equipment, to our roads and bridges, to sewers and water distribution system, an asset management system provides...

Operation Remember

March 7, 2019

What: We as a nation and town continue to lose members of the Greatest Generation every day.  We have an obligation as a community to honor and digitally document their experiences before it is too late.  Operation Remember will partner with our town Veterans Council, American Legion and VFW to record firsthand accounts of our...

What: Yorktown veterans are an important piece of our community.  Under New York State Law municipalities have the ability to create a Veterans Service Agency.  The Yorktown Veterans Service Agency will provide certified VA benefits counselors to assist local veterans in receiving the benefits they have rightfully earned through their defense of our nation and...

What: Individuals with special needs are underemployed yet are important members of our community.  Building on existing programs, such as Dutchess County’s ThinkJobs initiative, Yorktown will partner with local providers and businesses to find potential employment opportunities including at Town Hall.     Why: Support our neighbors with special needs is just the right thing to...

Technology Parkway

March 7, 2019

What: Talking to residents around Yorktown it is astonishing how few realize IBM’s Watson calls Yorktown home.  Having IBM as part of our community is an incredible asset that we must maximize. Companies such as Prodigy, an original competitor of AOL, one time called Yorktown home as well.  Building a technology parkway will create greater...

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