Open Data, Open Government

March 7, 2019

What: Open Data is being utilized across the nation to foster greater transparency and civic engagement.  The days of unalterable ledgers are behind us. Citizens are demanding information that can be easily understood and provide clear data driven evidence for decisions.  Furthermore, Open Data platforms encourage civic engagement by allowing citizens to collect and manipulate data to provide insight and potential solutions to issues facing the municipality.  


Why: You should not have to be a CPA or bookkeeper to understand the monthly expense reports released by Town Hall?  Open Data ensures real transparency by providing information every resident can understand. It also opens the doors of town government by giving residents the tools to engage in constructive dialogue about town issues.  A leader doesn’t need to have all the answers but needs to know when they hear the right one.  


How: Pragmatically this is the most cumbersome goal of the Slater Administration’s efforts to improve the functionality of our town government.  Open Data capabilities and implementation strategies are constantly evolving. Tech companies and organizations such as the Sunlight Foundation provide frameworks and training opportunities to transform an obsolete town government into a data driven, accountable, collaborative and honest municipal leader.

by Matt Slater

Matthew Slater graduated Yorktown High School in 2004. He was recognized by 914Inc. as a member of Westchester Wunderkinds Class of 2015 and previously worked as the Chief of Staff for New York State Senator Terrence Murphy. Prior to his time in the State Senate, he spent time as the executive director of the New Hampshire Republican Party, following the 2012 election, and formerly served as Mid-Hudson Regional Director for the New York State Assembly Minority Conference. In addition to his career in government, Slater has helped quarterback nearly all of the local elections in Yorktown for the Republican Party since 2009. In addition to serving as a field director for Yorktown GOP candidates, Slater has previously served as a top aide to Westchester County Board of Elections Commissioner Douglas Colety, a campaign manager with the New York Senate Republican Campaign Committee, Chief of Staff for State Assemblyman Steve Katz and a Regional Coordinator for the New York Republican Assembly Campaign Committee. Slater received his undergraduate degree in political science from St. Anselm College, where he was a volunteer for Rudy Giuliani's 2008 presidential bid. He holds a Masters of Public Administration from Marist College. Matt and his wife Kellie reside in Jefferson Valley and have one child.

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